Blue Ridge
by Matthew S. Johnston
Ask a Lawyer · June 7, 2016
by Matthew S. Johnston
This month, a couple of designers approached me with their story and offered their experience up as a cautionary tale in the design world’s legal issues. To keep the story straight, here is the cast of characters. Hermione (our design heroine); Ron (our photography and website hero) Gotham Designs, the company for whom Hermione worked as an employee and for whom Ron did some freelance photography work; Harvey Twoface, Hermione’s boss at Darkside and the villain in this story. This case study will take a look at a number of issues, ways to address and perhaps prevent the events that occurred here. While no one thinks these events could happened to them, the fact is that these are common events, even if they don’t always happen to one person at one time.
Ask a Lawyer · May 9, 2016