CONVERSATIONS > How to Handle “Unscheduled” & “Unplanned” Design Ideas

Laying in bed in the middle of the night – it hits you. That perfect design idea. Should you get out of bed and chase it down at all costs, or will you trust yourself to remember it in the morning? Or maybe it comes knocking at 4:58PM on a Friday. Do you log off and go home for the weekend as scheduled, or do you fire up the coffeepot and dig in? There is no perfect answer for how to respond when “inconvenient” and “unscheduled” ideas come knocking, so this roundtable discussion will cover the topic from every possible angle; the pros and cons of different idea capturing/chasing strategies and more. After all, it could make or break a project, a client, or a design portfolio.

The meetup will be held at the HCC Student Center, Room 170 (or on the Student Center’s patio, weather permitting).

Published August 4, 2017