Pandemic Life: Dawn
A picture of Dawn wearing a face mask holding her newborn baby.

A couple of weeks before the state’s pandemic shutdown, my toddler and I
got sick with terrible colds. I was also more than eight months pregnant!
But at least we were already isolating at home, and well-stocked in preparation of the new baby’s arrival. No shortage of frozen peas, diapers,
or toilet paper here!

Pandemic Baby, as he was dubbed, would be my third baby in three years, and a rainbow baby at that. I lost my second born, Christina Michelle, on
Christmas 2018, a full-term stillborn beauty. So while I was certainly
anxious about delivering during the week of the expected COVID peak, the
nurses remarked how calm I was. I had already experienced the worst thing a mother could live through, so I faced this challenge eagerly. And joy of joys, Daniel Joseph was born on the morning of April 15th at a healthy 8
pounds, 14 oz!

However, after his father and I held him for just a few minutes, my baby
was whisked away to the NICU for various (non-COVID related) issues. I was
discharged and distraught to leave the hospital yet again without a baby. I
could only visit the NICU once per day, and my husband wasn’t allowed to
visit at all, due to the COVID restrictions. It was hard not to overreact
during this period, of suiting up each time I entered the NICU, and then
leaving him every night, albeit with lovely professionals. Daniel only
stayed in for five days, but it seemed like an eternity. Then again, the
last two months stuck home with a toddler and newborn with no help from
friends or grandparents have also felt like an eternity! But one that I am
very grateful to be in.

multimedia writer & producer

By Dawn Michelle Morgan
Published July 1, 2020
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